Basic Elements of Technical Writing

Technical writing is a special form of writing.

The goal is to help readers use technology or understand processes, products or concepts. These processes, products or concepts are often complex, but need to be expressed in a form that is simpler and easier for the reader to read.

Therefore, in the technical writing type, you will find: technical reports, installation and maintenance manuals, proposals, white papers, online help, process standards, job descriptions and procedures.

Although each subject has its own specific requirements, some basic elements are common. But before looking at these, the most important thing that technical writers must consider is the audience.


  • Readers are familiar with the subject and the terminology and abbreviations you need to use?
  • What is the best way to explain these terms or shortened forms – footnotes, endnotes, vocabulary, abbreviations, appendices, links?
  • Do you need to accept secondary readers (for example, managers or financiers who will make decisions on proposals), how do you do this?

Now for those most important elements:

  1. Clarity – The logic of the document will help the reader understand the content. It may be useful to ask someone who is not familiar with the subject to review your writing before finalizing it. Using titles, illustrations, charts or tables is very useful – your goal is to make it as easy as possible for readers to understand what you are writing. Consider how text is displayed on a page or screen – giving the reader another clue to maximize clarity.
  2. Accuracy – The information and interpretation of the data you provide must be accurate. If not, your readers will question the credibility of the content. Be careful to clearly distinguish between facts and opinions and accurately quote other works.
  3. Brevity – Efforts to find a balance between the amount of information presented and the time required to read a document. Keep in mind that you can use the appendix or link to provide supplemental or background information. Consider using illustrations, tables or graphics instead of words to explain the concept – but keep in mind that if you use "visual", please don't give a long written explanation.
  4. sentence length – In general, complex or unfamiliar concepts are best represented by shorter sentences. This will give the reader time to digest the small pieces of information before moving on to the next step. Although this is difficult to achieve, the goal of each sentence is about 25 words. If you find yourself writing a series of long sentences, look for ' and ' but ',' however ' and similar words, you can break the sentence.
  5. Paragraph – The ancient rules on one topic per paragraph are a useful guide. This does not mean that each topic can only have one paragraph, but it does mean that only one topic in each paragraph can achieve clear, logical writing.
  6. Reader-centered – You are writing for the reader. Let them know your work as easily as possible.

Keep these basics and other principles in mind when doing technical writing tasks.

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Art is a Reflection on Society – A Perspective

Art has always been a reflection of contemporary society's emotions, personal struggles and road breakthroughs. When a society demands or experiences a change, art has largely subtly followed it. “Oxford Dictionary” describes art as “quality, production, expression or field, according to aesthetic principles, beautiful, attractive, or transcends ordinary meaning.” In fact, art is definitely an expression platform for individuals, groups and society, especially Radical changes or events seen. It usually describes the political situation, the economy, society, geography, the emotions in rotation, the bottom line of the revolution and the current or specific context within the scope of the uprising, to name a few.

If we regularly discuss art as a reflection of society, then we start from the oldest. Prehistoric Art ' Paintings related to rocks and caves symbolize their way of life and rituals. Therefore, these paintings are evidence of their culture, which helps historians obtain information about life, culture and civilization in this era. The famous Indus Valley #39; or ' Harappa, ' ' Greece, ' and Egypt' civilization, especially rich in artistry, including sculpture, architecture, painting , prints and metal art.

In fact, we know the most about these amazingly rich civilizations, thanks only to their narrative artifacts and buildings. For example, Egyptian civilization believes in life after death. Therefore, society has a strong spiritual framework and pays more attention to the human journey after death. The fact that they believe in immortality and worships many gods stems from the paintings that are decorated on the walls of the Great Pyramid. However, the Greek civilization emphasizes the human form, its balance and beauty, mainly reflected in the popular clothing, body language, hairstyle and culture in different periods.

Creativity adopts the sect of the "art movement". Depicting the reality of contemporary society, relative to its stable structure, often changing aspects, and even revolution. It also always depicts the impact of contemporary social political scenarios. For example, before the First World War, Paris used to be embarrassed by great political activities. This uneasiness has affected the development of "Cubism" somewhere. Author: Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. ' Cubism' Describe a specific topic from multiple angles, then a practical precedent. The artist became mysterious in nature to show the incubation of various political plots in Paris at the time.

Expressionism is another form of art, when society is undergoing different levels of transformation, including creativity. Opposing the traditional view of art is a kind of rotation. A modern approach has been adopted. Modern Art ' is a combination of abstract realism, in which the theme is distorted to portray its realities and emotional upheaval. The colors in the painting almost always depict the true emotions of the theme, the events or the emotions of the artist.

All in all, we can say that art may never be beautiful in aesthetics, or it may be impossible for everyone to understand. However, it should be sufficient to portray the current social sentiments, including the exposure of the harsh and ethnic truths, while also encouraging improvement. The only constant in the world is change. In society, society is deformed through different time deformations, and art helps capture the twists and turns of contemporary culture and lifestyle.

Source by Annette Labedzki

After Your Hair Sheds Or Falls Out, How Long Does it Take it to Start Growing Back?

I asked this question. After experiencing the trauma of falling hair in your clothes and at home, many people are ready to start growing their hair and complete the process. People want to know when to start looking for small signs of regeneration. Many people will see, see nothing, and worry that their hair will not come back. Knowing the right time frame will help you determine if everything is happening. I will discuss this more in the following article.

Typical Hair Regeneration Rate: Sometimes people admit to me that they think that hair that has fallen off or is associated with restless hair loss (TE) is different from the hair that appears. As part of the normal follicular cycle. This is really not completely accurate. Once the hair flows out of the hair follicle, it usually returns to the phrase of growth (as long as there are no autoimmune or androgen mechanisms, like alopecia areata being attacked or damaged by alopecia areata or AGA.) From the opening skin and falling off, the hair follicle will begin its regeneration phase and this process occurs very quickly.

However, human hair regeneration rates are not so fast or fast. For most people, this is about 1/2 mm per day, so in a month, you are looking at about 1/2 inch or regrowth. A good rule of thumb is that most people should start to see an appropriate level of regeneration about 2-3 months after the most severe shedding. Some people saw this earlier, some later saw this, but 1/2 inch per month was considered typical or average.

If you don't see any new hair coming in, try spraying some dry hair on your top. In the head line (or any other area where you are particularly badly hit). This will cover your strands and should make new regenerative strands that have just emerged from other parts. Yes, these hairs are short, but if you give them a little time, they will eventually fill and give you some volume. Your hair should return to its normal appearance for about six months to a year.

Another way to try to see new hair is to pull the hair back or comb it forward or comb it against the grain. This will make those new little hairs stand up and you should be able to see them. So what happens if you don't see anything? You may have some slower growth rates. Recheck once a week. I hope that in the next few weeks you should start to see some small bean sprouts. If you don't, you may want to consider that your hair loss may be caused by something other than TE or a common shedding.

Because in TE or seasonal shedding, the follicle is being reset to a shedding phrase, but nothing happens to damage it. Other causes of hair loss, such as androgenetic alopecia or AGA, can impair regeneration. Another potential sign of other things that may be happening is to see the miniaturization or very fine or flying regeneration that is entering, but does not really provide any quantity or coverage.

Source by Ava Alderman

Can Your Man Escape Without Your Male Chastity Key?

Ok, you lock your man up and your male virginity key is close to your heart for safekeeping. But is he really safe and reliable, or can he escape when you don't watch?

Men are awkward creatures. Women know this. This is why we must pay close attention to them. This is why so many of us first put our men in male virginity. We know that they lie to us about the frequency of their masturbation, and we know that they are considering other women while doing this. Very simple, men can't trust – especially when it comes to their penis!

That's why, although you may have put your man in virginity and locked and key, you are still worried that he will find ways to choose the lock and escape without telling you. This will destroy the full meaning of male chastity and undermine all your training – giving him the risk of being tempted by another woman!

You know you don't want to be like this, but don't worry. The truth is that a man is more difficult to get rid of the male chastity device without your key. Of course, this is not impossible; but with a little preparation, you should be able to lock him in male chastity and hide the key without worrying that he is a bad boy.

o The only way for a person to really get rid of the male chastity device if you bought the wrong size for him. If his talent is not good, he may use ice to narrow his penis, slide out and then slide back. That's why it's important to tell the truth about your device size and order the right device for him. When it comes to doubt, the mistake is the smaller side.

o The locks on the male chastity device are designed to rupture if they are tampered with. The most important thing is – the locks are numbered. This means he can't buy another similar lock, break his own lock, and then lock himself with the new one. When you make your man become his male chastity, this number will be printed on the lock and key. Whenever you unlock him, make sure the numbers match!

o He may use a tool to break the plastic male chastity device in his garage. However, the damage will be obvious and being caught is not the goal. If you buy him steel, he can't even do it. He has to find a professional welder to solve it – do you really think he will risk the heat or admit another man you locked him up? maybe not!

o If you are really worried that he has no self-control and soldered things, you can always go all the way and put on virginity. The connection of these perforations is that if he tries to tear it off without a key, he will seriously damage his masculinity – and no one will take the risk.

o Most chastity equipment with a key marked "Do not copy". This means that even if he tries to take the key away for an afternoon, most locksmiths will refuse to copy it.

So, you have it! With a little patience, you can improve your marriage by keeping your man virgin, locked and key without worrying about going out!

Obviously, some devices are more secure than others. But once you reach the point where he is easily locked in steel – this should be the goal of every woman – he is almost impossible to leave. This means you can train him without worrying about cheating.

Of course, if you notice that he wants to leave, you can always force an extra month of chastity – this is his lesson to remember the rest of your wonderful marriage life!

Source by Sara L. Collins

What to Do If Your Downloads Are Taking Too Long

Slow downloads are not only annoying, but they also take a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, this is a very simple way to solve this problem, even for beginners. Here are the steps you should take to fix a slow download on your computer:

Step 1 – Check Internet Speed ​​ – If you want to download quickly, you must consider the speed of your Internet connection. Today, if the speed exceeds 1 mb / s, the typical broadband connection is considered to be fast. This basically means that the connection can download files at 100kb / s (download speed is 1/10 of the overall connection speed). To test how fast you get to your computer, you should use Google's "Broadband Speed ​​Test" and click on the first link. Run the test on the website and if it is lower than you expect, you should contact your Internet provider.

Step 2 – Check the download server speed – If the connection is normal, the problem may be in the "server" speed of the download server. 'Server') and download a series of files from it. If the Internet connection of other PCs is not good, the download speed will be very slow. Another download server you must use the file name Google needs, it should show some different servers (called "mirrors").

Step 3 – Clean up the registry – One of the biggest reasons for slow download speed is actually due to Windows itself. Many computers eventually cause their download speed to slow down because their internal settings cannot be read quickly or smoothly. This is a problem, even the most advanced Windows systems can't be avoided, and your computer actually saves and destroys many of its most important settings in the wrong way. This will make them unreadable – which means that when your PC wants to download a file and needs to read a series of settings to do this, it will take longer than usual.

Most slow download issues can be resolved by cleaning up the "registry". The registry is where all the settings for the PC are saved, and where is Windows looking for a series of download settings ' each time you want to download the file. These settings show Windows how to download files as quickly as possible, and they are in the right state. To clean up the registry, you can use the Registry Cleaner ' This is a software application that scans all the settings on your PC and fixes them.

Source by James Henry Johnson

Astrology’s Aquarius Lucky Days – When Good Fortune Flows For You

If your date of birth is from January 21st to February 19th, then you are born under the astrology sign of Aquarius Aquarius. People born under this sign often know their basic horoscope. But most of them don't know how lucky they are to them on certain days of the month because they were born in Aquarius. Read on and learn about these days and how to know which time is the luckiest.

Water Holder and Moon

If you were born under Aquarius, a certain stage of the moon will bring you extra good luck. This period corresponds to how far the Aquarius date range you were born. For example, if you were born between January 21 and January 28, you will be even more fortunate in the new moon. If you were born between January 29 and February 6, you will get more luck in the days when the moon enters the second quarter. If you were born between February 7 and February 14, you will be even more fortunate at the full moon. Finally, if you were born in the final stages of Aquarius from February 15th to February 19th, you will be even more fortunate in the days when the moon enters the fourth season.

Digital Numerology of Aquarius Lucky Day

Two numbers need to find the lucky day of Aquarius every month: the number of signs in the celestial body, which is a (8), and the symbolic numerology of the dominant planet Uranus, It happens to be (4). Add these two numbers together to get the sum of (12) and then reduce it to a single number using fadic addition. That single number is (3). Therefore, for people born under Aquarius, the number (3) is particularly fortunate, and the value of the day of the month is also reduced to their good fortune (3) days. These lucky days are the 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th of each month. Since the three are good luck for the Aquarius, they should always try to play this number in the chance game. Blackjack casino games, the total number of wins (21), reduced to three, which is almost always lucky.

Lucky time for water athletes

As mentioned above, the ruling planet Aquarius is Uranus. When Uranus rules the sky, people born under the Aquarius logo every day are often the luckiest. To determine which hour belongs to this category, use the table below and remember that the first hour of the day starts at sunrise.

Sunday: Water athletes have the strongest luck sunrise on the 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th hours of the past

Monday: 7th, 14th and 21st hours at sunrise The athletes on the water have the strongest luck.

Tuesday: On the 4th, 11th and 18th hours of the sunrise, the water transporter has the strongest luck. [19659008Wednesday:Inthe5thmonthofthesunrisethe12thmonthandthe19thhourthewaterathleteshavethestrongestluck

Thursday: On the 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd hours of the sunrise, the water transporter has the strongest luck.

Friday: On the 6th, 13th and 20th hours of the sunrise, the water athletes have the strongest luck.

Saturday: Water athletes have the strongest luck on the first day, the 8th day, the 15th day and the 22nd day after sunrise.

Choosing a partner for Aquarius

Bringing good luck at work If it is a partnership, Aquarius people should choose a person with their own logo. People born in Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra and Sagittarius will be excellent partners in Aquarius.

Source by Keith Abbott

History Of Baby Cribs

The crib, as the child's first bed, has one of the most interesting history! The word "bed" originally meant a place where a person slept – it turned out to be nothing but a hollow on the ground. The first type of baby crib is a small swing or shaker called the cradle. It has a long history and is usually one of the earliest pieces of furniture in a new family.

Before the Europeans settled in the colonies, Native Americans held their babies in a variety of styles, almost as diverse as they were. Our modern cot. There are bark cradle, skin cradle, cradle cradle, board cradle, basket cradle and so on. The style changes with the location of the tribe and is influenced by the materials available for the building.襁褓 (packing the baby tightly in the cloth or skin) is a favorite of many tribes because it is considered a safety standard. Many Navajos still use traditional cradle cradle to secure their baby and protect it.

The earliest and most common type of cradle is the rocker, undoubtedly from the hollowed-out semi-round wood, providing a safe resting place for the baby. This is a simple step, moving from hollow logs to boxes mounted on laterally curved sections. A special crib favorite of the early colonists is the sloping sides and made of simple nailed pine wood. Hooded end. There are also examples of cots that represent the "great country bed" of royal babies. These fancy cots are beautifully carved with delicate and expensive hangings. Many cradle designs make them easy to shake, and a mechanical invention claims that the cradle can shake for an hour and a half! The early crib was placed next to the parent bed, as the bedroom was actually added later in the building, making it easier to heat the home. It is unclear whether any safety standards are being considered in the early stages.

Once a baby is too big to cradle, it will gradually become a rolling bed. The name stems from the practicality of the bed, which can be easily placed under the parents' bed, saving space. Early houses were often one or two room huts and the space was a good one.

Cribs were established when houses in the 1800s became larger and could accommodate their size. They are usually homemade and passed from child to child because the family has been quite large over the years. Baby cribs have also been inherited for generations because they are made of rugged wood found locally. If you encounter such a crib today, you will be amazed at its ruggedness. The last time I traveled to an antique shop and found a crib for my new grandson, this is the problem. The crib is made of hardwood and has been shaken for several decades without any signs of wear.

The basic shape and design of cribs have not changed much since the 19th century. Although we continue to improve our design, the demand for higher safety standards is increasing. Based on these current safety standards, I find that a cute antique crib will obviously show a doll or some beautiful stuffed animal better than the first bed of my grandson. There are some safety issues including the slats being too far apart and the headboard design can be dangerous. Parents are urged to pay close attention to safety when purchasing new cribs and maintaining existing cribs. History is both fun and fun, but our priority is to keep our babies safe.

Source by Ursula Ansbach