Visit Cancun – Top Luxury Hotels in the World

Cancun is located on the northeast coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and is an ideal destination for exotic beach vacations. The weather in Cancun, the white sands and clear waters will surely excite beach lovers, with a variety of activities, culture and lush tropical landscapes.

There are many luxury hotels in Cancun with a wide geographical location. We offer three of the most recognizable hotels in the region, ranging from 5 stars to 6 stars. This experience guarantees that holidaymakers feel special.

Le Blanc Spa Resort

This six-star hotel is designed for those who are passionate about travel and enjoy a better life while on vacation. Le Blanc is the brain of a famous Mexican designer, all of which exude elegance and architectural elegance. The hotel will definitely meet the expectations of holidaymakers and luxury vacations. Ideal for summer holidays or Cancun Spring Break.

The Le Blanc Spa Resort caters to the needs of experienced travellers while being polite and unobtrusive to more timid visitors, offering an exquisite style for those who have never ventured into luxury. . The hotel staff is determined to provide the attention you need while meeting the needs of each guest.

Notable features include a 24-hour spa, connected to Mayan Nichupte and Lagoon, and many restaurants, one of which specializes in French cuisine and the candlelight dinner offers romance for your loved ones.

JW Marriott Cancun

For the quality of service, one cannot ignore the Cancun Marriott Hotel, which offers flexibility for a variety of guests. The JW Marriott Resort has 448 rooms offering all the conveniences and luxurious 5-star service. The bedroom has a 32" LCD TV and a balcony with views of the tropical paradise. Shopping in Cancun is also convenient as the hotel is located in the city centre.

The hotel also has two restaurants, Gustino's Italian cuisine is a favourite; the restaurant has a spacious venue and appetizing Mediterranean dishes, which will provide a welcome break between the beach excursions or the hotel's Mayan-themed spa. The Marriott Hotel is a favorite of business travellers, but couples or singles on vacation can get the same benefits.

Grand Coral Beach Cancun

Grand Coral is a member of the "World's Top Hotels", an honor that is not easily available. This honor is well deserved because this hotel offers near-perfect attention to detail and unparalleled hospitality. Located in the heart of the city, Grand Coral’s luxurious marble floor suites offer stunning views. The latter will provide comfort for the most outstanding travellers. This location also makes Cancun's shopping experience enjoyable, and travelers can enjoy the warm weather of Cancun.

The La Joya restaurant serves delicious Mexican cuisine, as well as four other restaurants and numerous bars. The hotel is also suitable for adults or children as it offers some activities for children, including children and children. The club allows mothers and fathers to rest for a while.

There is also a golf course nearby for lovers to enjoy, or just to relax. Designed by Robert Trent Junior, the Pok-ta-pok offers discounted rates that guests can take advantage of. Grand Coral is perfect for any holiday, whether it's a romantic holiday or a Cancun Spring Break.

Source by Christopher Marson