How Do You Get the Best Ski Package Deal?

The following is an insider road map for getting the best ski/vacation package for the 2010-11 season.

I recently asked three leading ski packaging wholesalers in the United States to tell me about any packaging trends they saw. I want to know what the difference will be in the upcoming season. I got an insider road map to learn how to get the best deals on this season's ski vacation.

Our experts are, Tours de Sport and All Mountain Vacations. Every company is helping skiers and riders spend more than 18 years on vacations in my skiing business. These travel companies focus on ski vacation packages, so their job is to understand transactions and values.

The following is insider information of our experts. Please enjoy.

1. Plan ahead and book as early as possible.

I know that you hear this every year in August and September, but that's why booking in advance is so important this year.'s Dan Sherman told me "Although the discount is not as deep as in the past few years, early bookings, accommodation and flights, especially at the end of December and the surrounding busy travel times, are still very beneficial. President's Day and Spring Break." [19659002IheardthesamethinginaseparateconversationwithCecilCarverofToursdeSport“ThelargediscountdaysformostresortsandaccommodationcommunitiesseemtohaveendedIncentiveshavearrivedbutthefocusisonearlybookingwindowsandvalueseasons”

2. The ticket price will be higher.

Delta, Frontier, United and other airlines have cut flights to mountain resorts as well as major gateways such as Denver, Salt Lake City and Reno.

Tours de Sport's Cecil Carver said this would be an important factor for the season. “I think the biggest factor affecting destination skiing during the 2010-2011 ski season is the reduction in air capacity for most major ski destinations. The operating schedule, their equipment starts flying without all empty seats, they can raise fares so Only talk about flights to smaller resort airports. This trend has revealed larger portals such as Denver, Salt Lake City and Reno. In some cases, more popular travel dates for portal cities have been announced. The fare is close to $1,000. When the flight is completely filled, should the equipment be replaced or larger? This is the problem that the airline wants to track at this time. "

3. This year's luxury accommodation market is very valuable.

Both and Tours de Sport point out that the luxury accommodation market in mountain resorts has been affected over the past few seasons and has some very good values ​​in this area.

Cecil Carver of Tours de Sport told me. “More affluent travelers may benefit from the orderly arrangement of the high-end rental market.” This is a segment of the market where we may see some important seasonal discounts. Many four- and five-star hotels are professional. "

4. Free nights offer for long stays. You can still get free accommodation, but it will cost more!

Dan Sherman of explains. "This year The difference between last year and last year is not the number of specials, its type. Although it makes good use of the 3rd and 4th night free offers for several seasons, it seems that we are back to the 4th and 5th nights to become the highest price for free. There are some exceptions to this trend, but these specials and pricing are still good for customers. "

5. Go to Europe? Save with the team.

A good way to save a European ski holiday is to go with the existing team. You have always been through the ski club Or church groups can save on ski trips. You can also save on other types of group trips.

John Hanson of All Mountain Vacations tells me how it was done "The first and savvy European ski traveler's trend is trying Find the group to join. The difference is in finding a team, and now often do their own air rewards or use early season promotional fares to cut costs while placing them at the joint arrival and departure points of transit and accommodation. Participants often know about slopes and villages as well as local guides and add short-term three-day sightseeing tours to the back of these ski weeks. Enjoy a great way to enjoy an international ski holiday with new friends! All Mountain Vacations often flee from group destinations, but you need to book as early as possible to enjoy these great deals! "

I asked John to tell me how much you can save." If the Dolomites Selva can easily save $75 to $130. Then John told me that you can save even more when you add an airport shuttle. “For a customer who picks up a private pick-up from a house, this is a place that a team can provide (save) anywhere from $40 to $100 per person.”


So, You have it, an insider road map to save your 2010-11 ski/ride vacation. Book in advance to get the best price for accommodation and air. Check out some luxury hotels that may have exceeded your price range in the past. Also, if you are going to the Alps, consider going with a group of people.

Our experts at Tours de Sport put it all together. “At least some people seem to have this information because we’ve seen more advance bookings than ever before. So what advice would I give to anyone planning a ski trip this winter? Try to use any early bookings possible, If they are considering any type of peak date (Christmas, President's Day, Spring Break), book their flight now. Although there may be fewer discounts, an encouraging development is that there is almost no up to this season. The pressure of accommodation and the price of lift tickets. Flying in this economy."

Source by Robert Shirk