San Diego Travel Guide

San Diego.

The fantasy of every traveler in San Diego! San Diego will bring you endless adventures; only the perfect weather will arrive this year. This place is endowed with sacred beauty to seduce you. Ok! What happiness? Who wants to leave this piece of heaven to go home? Enjoy the beauty of nature while sitting on the beach and on the spectacular long coastline, where you can eliminate everyday worries and let yourself take a walk in nature. San Diego is a complete vacation package for families, couples or lone rangers. San Diego's activities and world-class places will keep you busy for a few days. You will always cherish your trip to San Diego, and you will feel the delusion long after your visit.

San Diego is famous for its beautiful weather and stunning beaches, but in addition to the perfect weather, the same is true of San Diego's activities and locations. It is also peerless. These events attract 30 million visitors each year and their unique entertainment activities. Invitations for multiple respiratory arrest events are open to people of all tastes and different tastes. San Diego offers a wide range of entertainment and activities.

1. activity.

The whirlpool of events will surround you and make you full of excitement. Remember, there should be a lot of vacations in your trip to San Diego, and there are plenty of venues and activities to catch up with, of course you don't want to miss one. This striking destination has a pleasant climate and can be used throughout the year. A novelty feature of San Diego is the kite decoration and flight competition held on the beach in March, supported by the kite's flight needs. Balboa Park offers Native American dance, music and art exhibitions on May African American Culture Day, while the Block Party on Pacific Beach, held on Galleway Avenue in the same month, is in full swing.

The famous two-day Ocean Beach Show and the Chili Chef's street carnival in June are another candy for the visitor. It also has a three-week Del Mar Fair, a large county show held at Del Mar Fairgrounds. There are banner music shows and hundreds of carnival rides. In addition, the US Open Sandcastle competition will be held in Imperial Beach in southern Coronado in mid-July. The hottest August of the year is filled with joy and festivals, and the Hillcrest City Festival Street Fair takes place in August in the most beautiful downtown area of ​​San Diego. The Gaslamp Quarter party scene will take place during the September San Diego Street View Festival. The bright, colourful deck boat floating in the port of Santiago will ignite the fireworks in the soul with its fascinating vision. The decorative, dazzlingly lit ship parade in December was the next major event besides Christmas, with dozens of sparkling boats floating gracefully in the port of San Diego.

2. San Diego attractions.

In addition to these stimulating occasions, there are other awesome places that must be seen. These places will fill the desire of your eyes that love nature and bring comfort to your soul through its mess. . The rooms on the sunny beach leave your footprints on the beaches of San Diego, letting the sea breeze blow through your hair, although the gentle dry desert air whispers a lovely unwritten melody to you. Feel one with water; let the blue-green pure water rinse your sleepy.

Ocean World.

Yeah! It's time to get wet. In the stunning performance of the Sea World, soak the water in the “soaking area”. Sea World alone is enough to attract San Diego's attractions. Worth visiting this place is these spectacular sea animal entertainment venues. You must not miss anything as early as possible because this place has a long route. There is also a display time, of course you don't want to miss it, it just repeats twice a day. Shamu's sensational gray killer whale shows a masterpiece. The tricks Shamu plays are so elegant and appealing that you will definitely fall in love with this magnificent marine life at the end of the show. At the sea, Sham likes to show the audience as a souvenir when they visit Sea World. Seeing the popularity of Shamu, the Shamu killer whale has become an unofficial symbol of the city.

You can realize the dream of touching the dolphins. Who can resist such a lovely creature like love? Speculate on high-energy dolphin performances with the most advanced special effects. You can feed them or see others feeding them. Its main role is to decorate the dolphin show with a star car. She stood next to the queen like other dolphins. In addition, penguins, sea otters and seals also showcase fascinating performances. You can arrange the marine life of all these special animals. The performance of a unique land pet to go to the water and show the skills of the water is also very exciting. If you want to get a small break from the show you see, the haunted house can give you a thrilling pause. In addition, you can watch penguins, seals, dolphins, sea otters and ferocious sharks swimming in the clear blue waters. The food in the Sea World is like a catalyst for your travels, and any meal you get is of high quality.

Although the Wild Arctic is a new attraction in the Sea World, it has restored the tradition of the Sea World among interesting tourists, and it provides you with a glance at the North Sea and the ice. The main feature of this part is that it depicts the glacier image in a complete spirit; you can smell the snow and icicles under the canopy, which is not only a hot blessing in the summer. Another secret of the admiration of the wild Arctic is the white beluga in the tanks of the underwater observation zone. Anyway, I can say with certainty that the Sea World, including San Diego, remains a miracle of the Kingdom of Sharm, a place that must be visited at least once in life. There is also a "Cinderella Car" that takes you to Wonderland and seals your view through the harbour's stunning sea views. The waterslide show will add to the variety of recreational activities offered by Ocean World. Last but of course not only the night fireworks show will be amazing.

Museum of Contemporary Art.

San Diego Beach has only beautiful sunshine and surfing, there is definitely more to choose from. If you are not all time party animals and want to be captivated by nature, then these spectacular arrays of places will draw your attention; as you visit each new place, your enthusiasm for the next place will be Fascinated. If you are interested in history or more interested in intellectual property, then the Museum of Contemporary Art is the ideal choice. Surrounded by the enchanting and picturesque suburb of La Jolla, the Museum of Contemporary Art features a collection of pop art and minimalism from the 1960s and 1970s. You can also examine the conceptual works of Santiago and Tijuana. And cross-border art. In addition to this traditional type of museum, you can also see a more unconventional San Diego Maritime Museum, made up of three ships. This museum contains educational tools for adults and children. These glorious ships provide a higher view to the audience.

San Diego Zoo.

The world famous for the San Diego Zoo is enough to introduce it. The San Diego Zoo proudly stands in the famous Balboa Park and is a popular venue for a range of activities. One of the main attractions of the San Diego Zoo is its precious fauna, which is full of fun. The day at the zoo is not enough; try to divide your trip into two days to enjoy and see it all. This zoo is a real enjoyment for children. The 10 bioclimatic zones from the Arctic tundra to the tropical rainforest make this zoo even more fascinating. The San Diego Zoo is home to more than 3,000 animals, from small to endangered animals. The zoo starts with plants and leads to different areas of the zoo, including the best parts, including the Panda Exhibition, followed by rare and hard-to-find birds. It is really interesting to see the hippo swimming underwater through the glass viewing area. You can also feed and touch and enjoy the spectacular sights of jungle tigers, gorillas and more rare and endangered species.

Wild parks enter the virtual world due to their geographical environment replicating in flora and fauna. Experience a cool sky train journey that will give you an overall fascinating view of Balboa Park. The Gondola is worth a visit, and you can feel the comfort of the entire area while you are floating quietly.

Mission Bay Park.

This park has the largest playground in San Diego. What do you need for a 27-mile coastline, 19 miles of sandy beaches, free parking, great playgrounds, picnic spots, barbecues, basketball and volleyball courts? This place is home to a variety of activities including swimming, ice skating, cycling, kayaking, jet skiing and water skiing, for kids and adults. You can also take a sailing course, rent a boat or play golf or tennis.

Or you can simply lie on the beach and basking in the sun and see the children giggling on the beach. The latest useful map of Mission Bay Park, it also has a gift shop, you can buy souvenirs for your friends on the way home.

Other places.

In addition to the important places mentioned above, there are still other awesome places. The enchanting scenery will take you into Utopia. You should visit the Old Town of San Diego to learn about the rich cultural background of this America's best city. Also, don't miss La Jolla, Cabrillo National Monument, Gaslamp District, Del Coronado Hotel and Santiago de Alcalá Santiago.

3. Children's event venue.

Whenever you plan a vacation, the first thing you think of is where are the children interested? Even though most of the time we only vacation for children so that they can enjoy it, San Diego has great potential to entertain children and adults of all ages.


Source by Ron Arthur