Ancient Greek Writing – 3 Important Writing Styles

At the earliest stages of writing, Mycenae Greek was written in a syllable. However, Greek has been written in the alphabet for nearly 2,700 years. Like other writing systems, over time, different writing styles are formed, similar to modern English, from cursive writing to writing, and from capital letters to lowercase letters. Ancient Greek also has different writing variants.

Three important changes are early Greek letters (uppercase), Uncial scripts and Greek small fonts (lowercase).

Early Greek letters – written in "capital lock"

This is the easiest to learn alphabet. The most common place to use letters is to carve them into monuments. In order to facilitate the engraving process, letters often have few curves. They are also uniform in size, similar to what we call "uppercase" letters today. In fact, many of them are used as capital letters in the Latinic writing system for writing English.

This is an example of early Greek commemorative writing:

,, X, K, Λ, Ο, Π, Ξ, Ο, Π, Ξ,,, Π, Ρ,,, Β,

The early alphabet did not have any spaces or punctuation. The burden of distinguishing between words and sentences will fall on the reader. A good example of this writing can be found on the Rosetta Stone.

Later Uncial Script – capitalization and some styles

The Uncial script appeared in the early thousand years of AD. It is very similar to a memorial. These letters are all capitalized, with no spaces between words when writing.

This script is commonly used for writing on parchment and kraft paper. For those interested in Greece, this is a key script because a large number of Greek works come from this period, including early Christian writings.

Greek lowercase works – good things into small packages

In some places in the past two thousand years, the Greek letters have shrunk. A writing style called lowercase (similar to lowercase letters) was developed. Some works are completely insignificant. Others are a mix of early capitalization (majuscule) and small scripts. Where the two writing styles come together, trivial situations are always more common. Just like English, proper nouns and the first word of a paragraph will be capitalized. However, in ancient Greek, the first word of each sentence is not capitalized (unless it is a proper noun or the beginning of a paragraph as described above).

The following are the letters in the small font:

α, β,,,,, ε,,, η,,, ι, κ, λ, μ, ν,,, ο,,, ρ, σ, τ, υ,,,,,ψ,ω

Just as huge words exist as capital letters of modern Greek, this tiny text exists like the lowercase letters of modern Greek. Modern Greek students will learn uppercase and lowercase scripts to be able to read and write languages.

Source by Jessica Rudder