Team Work is Essential to Good Customer Service

As a hotel manager, I need to train new employees in accordance with the hotel customer service standards. I help develop their customer service skills so that they can provide the same excellent service to our hotel guests, which is available in every hotel in my country and around the world. One of the main concepts I'm trying to instill in a novice customer service representative is teamwork. Without the hotel staff working together, it is impossible to provide appropriate services to our guests and everything will collapse.

Good teamwork is an important part of the customer service skills tool. We went to a hotel to understand the importance of teamwork. What are the main luxury items that guests receive from the hotel during their stay? They want to be able to check in and get information, they want their room to be clean and tidy, they want the food to be delicious, they hope that they don't have to pay so much. All of these expectations are shaped and impressed in the minds of the guests, and every expectation must be addressed and taken care of so that guests have a positive stay.

Let's see what happens if there is no team. What if the front desk must manage all of the hotel’s content and meet all of the guests’ expectations? Without teamwork, this will be a daunting task. If the hotel has only one room but the hotel and hotel chain are growing every day, then it may be controllable and we need a team to keep them running.

Communication between departments is the foundation of good teamwork. Without good communication, there is no teamwork or cooperation, because no one knows what to do and when to do it. As in team sports, when a player is doing something, he needs to communicate his goals before or during the action to ensure that his team works with him.

If a player does not understand the communication, the entire game may fail. Just as the front desk does not communicate with the housekeeping staff and the room needs allergens, the task will not be completed, and the guests will complain that their room will cause an allergic reaction and go to the hospital.

Source by Matthew Proctor