Hot Legs at Night

For those who can't sleep because of the heat of their legs at night, you may not even know why. The most basic and stressed cause of any heat from the body is inflammation. But what you are asking now is what is the cause of inflammation. To help you eliminate the burning sensation in your legs, please continue to read two helpful tips that will help me a lot.

Growing up, I had symptoms of leg fever at night, and the burning sensation often kept me awake for hours. I learned from my own research that this is probably caused by inflammation. However, until my college professor of health ecology told me that more than 70% of Americans were dealing with ongoing Candida infections, and I began to better understand what was happening in my body. I have been dealing with yeast and candida for the rest of my life, and I want to share the information I have collected over the years! I know how hot and burdeny the legs are at night. Here are some tips on how to solve the problem.

Tip #1: I know that you are tired of lack of sleep, believe me, I know! The only real way to kill Candida is to spend some time and your body needs time to heal itself. In order to solve the problem quickly, take a good night's sleep, take Aleve or Motrin (any anti-inflammatory pill), and put a cool damp cloth on each leg. Useful; I have done it many times!

Tip #2: Now that we have made you sleep well, let's talk about long-term treatment to calm down these legs at night. We know that the problem is yeast infection and Candida overgrowth so how do we kill these microbes? The quickest and most effective way is to cut off the food supply of the bacteria. Simply put, yeast creatures eat simple sugars that you can consume in the form of soda, candy, starch, bread, pasta and any simple or complex carbohydrates. When the yeast flora gets enough nutrients through your diet, it will bloom into a complete candida, and you will start to heat your legs at night.

Tip #3: The reason why Candida is always worse at night is the interaction with hormone release during the sleep cycle. To kill Candida, you need to get yourself into a ketosis state for at least 3 consecutive days. When your body enters the ketone body, you use fatty acids as fuel instead of the usual carbohydrates. This will eliminate the source of Candida's fuel and kill it. In order to get yourself into ketosis, you must limit your diet to 30 carbs a day, and no more than 5 at any time (and therefore, a lot of snacks). Eat more vegetables, meat, fish and a bit of cheese. If done correctly, it will take about a day and a half to get you into the ketosis state.

Tip #4: Remember to drink more water! Drink more than one gallon of water a day and you will help eliminate yeast colonies. Water is a versatile solvent that consumes enough solvent to remove all yeast from the body.

Source by Brennan R Milbury