What Is Summit Fever?

If you ever thought about climbing Mount Everest, you will probably know everything about the word Summit Fever. Many describe it as the expectation of ignoring factors such as safety and ethics. However, is Summit Fever true? Or is it just a myth, to explain the behavior of some climbers in the past few decades? Well, there are several theories that can explain the so-called Summit Fever.

In the past few years, there have been many examples of Summit Fever mentioned in the media, these examples will never let the climbers get a positive picture. For example, if you have read about Mount Everest, you may have heard of Green Boots Cave. This area of ​​the Everest Dead Zone is called because the body of a climber in this area is called green boots because of his shiny green hiking boots.

A few years ago, there was a story about climbers encountering green boots. Of course, they are already expecting to do so. However, when they arrived at Green Boots, they found another body they thought. However, it is actually a still alive climber called Sharp. The climbers and the Sherpa decided that unless he had saved in the past, they could not do anything for Sharp and they continued to the top of Mount Everest. There are also several climbers who have also encountered Sharp, but they continue to go up the mountain to reach the peak. However, this raises several questions.

Why didn't they stop their adventures and try to find help for the affected climbers? He doesn't have a sleeping bag, and he doesn't have a radio to call for help. This is one of the cases mentioning Summit Fever. Another example is a young woman who, although she knows she is in trouble, has to go up the mountain anyway. Other climbers said that Summit Fever was the cause of her death. There are a few things that have been mentioned about why these climbers did what they did, even though it would make them lose their lives or the lives of others.

Some people think that part of the reason is that the cost of climbing Mount Everest is thousands of pounds, which makes climbers hope to achieve the goals they achieve there. Others say that climbers do not want to fail. Whatever the reason, Summit Fever will definitely ask questions about human morality and common sense. Of course, if these climbers know they are in danger, or if others are at risk, what will they do to prevent any adverse events? Not right.

Source by Colin Wallace