Fun and Joy – What is the Difference Between Fun and Joy?

Fun and happiness feel great, but they are two different concepts that you experience in life.

Yes, even you. Even in a short time, at some point in their lives, even a traumatized and traumatized person will experience some happiness and fun.

Joy and fun have two different purposes in your life. They differ in the following five ways:

1. Interesting is what you experience when you take action. You may be reading or physically active. You are very happy.

Joy is more passive than initiative. When the thoughts (the good feelings of the event are explained) pass through your mind, you will feel happy.

2. Funny birthday laugh. In fact, when you have a lot of fun, you may find yourself lol and even roll on the floor. Tears may flow down your cheeks.

When you have fun, you usually make noise. Think about the people riding the roller coaster and all their screams.

Joy is more of an inner experience and a silent understanding of peace. You tend to experience happiness as a feeling.

3. Fun is usually (but not always) a shared experience. You are very happy with friends and even strangers. When you describe interesting activities for you, you may not be alone.

In fact, part of the fun is the experience seen through the eyes of others present.

You feel happy inside. No one else needs to be present. Joy is completely unique to everyone. The happiness of others may or may not be obvious. And you won't miss your own happy experience.

4. Fun is temporary. What you do is very interesting. Then you have completed the fun activity. Of course, the memory may last a long time (or even forever), but the event is over.

Joy feels like a sense of accomplishment. This is not a goal, but a place where you are emotionally or sometimes spiritually. Joey is lingering in your body, mind and spirit.

5. Fun is easy to describe. You can share the details of the event, while others know what you are doing. They may or may not agree that these activities are interesting to them. It's ok. This is very interesting for you.

Joy is more abstract and more intuitive. Others may observe your facial and body language, then describe your feelings and define your happiness – it's not easy. Maybe it is even impossible.

Source by Ali Bierman