The Best Doctor in the Philippines

How many times have your doctor told you to "enhance the immune system by taking vitamin C, eating fruits and vegetables, drinking more water, and going to bed early"? I bet you don't remember.

My doctor, Dr. Tan Ci Shou, gave his patients more specific instructions to help them restore a strong immune system. He does not simply tell you what most doctors do, as described in the previous paragraph.

Dr. Tan found the root cause of your health problem and cut it to make sure it never grows back.

When you first visit his clinic, you will find that at the Yong Yong Mansion in Ongpin, Binondo, Dr. Tan will check your tongue and pulse without using multiple medical devices. He only uses a small flashlight to clearly see your tongue. Once he is done, he already knows what problems you have.

Technology or skill?

Magic? Do not. Dr. Tan is not a magician, but he is undeniably good at treating various diseases.

I used to have severe hand eczema, or I think I have had this condition until he told me that my right hand had skin asthma. And psoriasis on the left hand side. amazing! Note that he even reached this conclusion without skin testing, as most dermatologists usually do.

For 17 years, I consulted dermatologists at the top hospitals in the country, but none of them were able to cure my illness. One of them even asked me to accept a skin patch, just told me that my test results showed that I was not allergic to any substance. Perhaps their treatment was superficial, so they could not reach the core of my health problems at the time.

Those dermatologists only provided hydrocortisone and superabsorbent creams, providing temporary relief. After a month without itching and bleeding, I returned to my pain.

Ph.D. Tan has never prescribed a topical medicine. He just told me that my immune system is very poor; therefore, although I have had a long life a few years ago, my hands still continue to itching, peeling and pain.

My good doctor said that I should work from within. This means taking food that is good for the liver, lungs and kidneys. He also suggested that I rest more because it will strengthen my liver.

In addition to beef, poultry, shrimp, peanuts and all sorts of things, I was told to avoid salty, spicy, greasy, sour and sweet foods. Beans.

In other words, I not only want to change my diet, but also change my general lifestyle. From the use of aluminum and non-stick pans, I started cooking with glass cookware because it is not only safe for people's health, but also preserves the nutrition of the food you cook. I learned from the staff of Ching Tay, where I purchased herbs with Dr. Tan's prescription.

Because of my obedience, I feel healthier and happier now. More importantly, not only did I experience the miracle of my healing master's natural desire to see everyone's health. My daughter and mother are also enjoying health improvements because they are also frequent visitors to Doctor Tan's clinic. My little sonnet used to suffer from chronic asthma, and my mother has experienced tremendous back and hip pain in the past.

Many doctors now claim that they only deal with their profession, but you won't hear Dr. Tan's situation. His clinic is open to everyone, so whether you have gastritis, lung cancer, or stage 4 breast cancer, the cure is here.

To say that Dr. Tan is an excellent therapist, this is an understatement because he turned out to be the angel of my family.

Source by Mary Antonette Pua