Reasons Government is Necessary

The government is an organization in a community or political entity with the power to enact and enforce laws to preserve peace and order. The government is necessary because it is considered to be the leader of an organization, community or political entity.

The law is important because it defines the behavior of citizens. It defines which are legal or illegal. If there is no law, if an activity is a criminal act, it cannot be known. The legislative role of the government sets the code of conduct for individuals.

Another role of the government is to maintain peace and order. The police and fire departments ensure that crimes such as murder, theft, and arson are prevented or reduced. If the crime does happen, then they can investigate how the crime happened and arrest the perpetrator.

The government also promotes harmony through justice and equality. Once the police have resolved the crime, the government’s judiciary has the responsibility to bring the perpetrators to justice for fair trial and punishment. It ensures that the right person is jailed for the right reasons.

The government also plays a role in building roads, bridges, railway systems and other infrastructure. These are important because it makes moving easier and more convenient. It also makes it easier to conduct business because goods and services can be moved from production sources to markets faster.

Another role of the government is to provide public basic education for children. Children must learn how to read, write and calculate.

Another role of the government is to levy taxes and ensure that these taxes finance the right projects that benefit society. The establishment of public schools, roads and bridges, as well as the provision of welfare assistance, health care, unemployment benefits and other services require funds. This is the source of taxes. The government collects taxes from individuals and businesses to build schools, roads and other infrastructure.

It is also important for the government to protect its security from threats. The role of the government is to have an army to defend its territory from external threats such as terrorism, war and invasion. The government’s police force protects citizens from internal threats such as civil disobedience, organized crime, lawlessness, and rebellion.

Another role of the government is to foster relationships with other governments. In the era of globalization, governments must cooperate with each other to maintain world peace and prosperity.

Source by Kenny Leones