Five Excellent Ski Resorts in Scandinavia

Scandinavian skiing in most cases may not be as skiing as in the Alps and elsewhere in Europe, but it is far north, which means you can almost guarantee the quality of snow and conditions. There is a long season in this far north, and in some cases you can even ski in June, whether it is day or bright nights. The prices in these countries are high, and unless your pockets are very rich, it's best to avoid using skis or at least reducing skiing. But the ski pass itself is often surprisingly affordable and offers some lovely uncongested slopes. So why not consider skiing in the Scandinavian Peninsula? Here are five great resorts where you can start research and find the perfect Scandinavian ski holiday:

Hemsedal, Norway

Sometimes called Chamonix in the North, ' The resort is located in a steep mountain range, in stark contrast to the rolling hills surrounding it. This ski resort is 3 hours from Oslo. For the family, this is a great choice, because for beginners, there is a wide variety of skiing, until those who feel really belong to them on the hillside, all in a fairly small area. .

Geilo, Norway

This is a lovely, quiet ski resort located on the train line from Oslo to Bergen. It has quite limited but adequate facilities, although the number of runs is limited – only around 40 – the conditions and snow here are perfect for beginners and mid-level skiers.

Voss, Norway

The hills here may not be the highest, but the snow throughout the season is still very good and the scenery is spectacular. The ski resort is on the edge of the fjord, you can sit on the hill overlooking Vangsvatnet, a beautiful lake that flows through the Bolstadfjorden and the North Sea. You can also take part in this skiing tour and visit the historic town of Bergen.

Levi, Finland

Far from Lapland, the aim is to build a ski village. It has 27 miles of ski runs that are perfect for mid-level skiers. If you are the owner of the night home, then 17 of them are floodlighting, although starting from March, the days are long.

Sweden Riksgränsen

This resort is far north, 125 miles from the Arctic Circle. It was only opened in March, when the weather was easier to manage and the days became longer. There are only a few pisted runways, and the hotel has limited options, but for those who are helicopter skiing or enjoying the piste adventure, this is a real paradise. Why don't you wait until June, when can you tie the snowboard or the board in the midnight sun?

Therefore, regardless of your skill level and preferences, you will definitely find what you are looking for in the Scandinavian ski resort.

Source by Andrew A. Francis